Happiness On A Shelf

My Place in the World is wherever there are books. I love reading and being surrounded by books even when I’m not reading – just the possibility of a book being nearby for immediate reading access cheers me up. This picture was taken during some weekend shelf sorting and shuffling. This was clicked in my room, but any room filled with books makes me feel at home. From bookshelves in salons that bring joy to weekly visits, to book cupboards and reading rooms in hotels on holidays, books form a large part of my life and having them around keeps me content. Conversely, books can also transport me to any place in the world without moving an inch from the comfort of my room. Books can cheer you up, offer guidance, inspire, thrill you, teach you, take you from small rooms to large continents. As long as I have books with and around me, the world seems like a happier place.