Weekday Whims – Gulab Jamun

So, I tinkered a bit in the kitchen today with some vintage recipes. The rains have been incessant and I picked up this sweet preparation to work on – best eaten warm from the stove. I have made Gulab Jamun in the past and have also featured the preparation on this blog, so I won’t elaborate on the entire cooking process. It is usually something I would attempt to fill out  a weekend – the milk solid based sweet dish just popped into my head and I decided to make it this evening. Here you go!

Soaking in warm sugar syrup – all ready to be eaten.
Dough balls ready to be fried and then soaked in syrup
Playing around with the dough shapes

Here’s my previous post on Gulab Jamun – for those who missed it and would like to know more about the sweet.



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